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Advanced  –  Don’t be put off by the computer skills of others, they were beginners once!

Android   –   Operating system used for phones and tablets

Atari   –   90s Computers, not PC compatible


Beginners   –   Welcome here

Babbage (Charles)  –  Inventor of computers

Bios   –  Read only memory system clock etc


CCleaner   –  Tool to speed up a PC

Cmos  –  Memory that stores the bios of a computer

Computer   –  PC,  laptop or system computer(server)


Desktop  –  On-screen display, you interact with the mouse

Desktop   PC  –  PC unit underneath the monitor on a desk

Disk  –  Storage CDs, Floppy disks, Hard disks


Engine (Gaming)  –  Platform game s could use the same game processing, different graphics, characters

Envelope Printing  –  Using your printer, and envelopes to print on address

Effects  –  Graphics, Colors, Lighting and Sound!


Fan  –   Cpu Fan, keeps the computer cool

Fun   –   Enjoy playing games with friends

Files   –   Storage of computer information like a CV


Gigabytes   –  Megabytes of Storage  

Google  – Favourite Search Engine on the Internet

Google Chrome  –  Google’s  internet browser software

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