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MTrain BT Digital Capability 21 to 22

Having successfully applied for Good Things Foundation supported Digital Capability Project we invested money received from Sponsor BT into supporting Mtrain eLearning Academy which includes upgrading websites and . We returned to hosting training sessions after Lockdowns, responding to our students preference to have some larger screen Laptops available and purchased a new portable Projector to help us with the dynamics of our setup. Soon we hope to have some Ipads available, do we support Apple equipment we get asked?, our BT project certainty worked best with us also supporting Google’s Make IT Click Learning. We are inspired by and you to can purchase a range of High Tech equipment at BT’s online Shop.

Cash has also enabled us to continue to support Digital Inclusion projects, purchasing BT Labelled MiFi and EE Data including making donations to students of South Glous Community Learning and people attending BlueMondayBristol supported by Bristol employment enterprises including Ways2Work. Having started a phone Project with Bril Disability we have greater confidence we can continue this project with the support of BT, we even got 2 phones for a total of £30 including Data.

Making a further update on Disability Support during BT Digital Capability.

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